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Palm tree painting on canvas with Hawaiian beach landscape by tropical artist Karen Whitworth
Palm tree painting on canvas with Hawaiian beach landscape by tropical artist Karen Whitworth
Palm tree painting on canvas with Hawaiian beach landscape by tropical artist Karen Whitworth
Palm tree painting on canvas with Hawaiian beach landscape by tropical artist Karen Whitworth
Tropical beach art palm tree painting wall art canvas in bright interior setting with tropical by Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth
Tropical beach painting wall art canvas in bright interior setting with tropical decor by Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

Hawaii Beach Painting on Canvas - Beach Wall Art Print

Size9x12 Inches
StyleGallery Wrap Canvas

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Product Details

  • Painting by Artist Karen Whitworth
  • Ready to hang canvas print
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Solid wood construction
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Make Every Day a Beach Day With This Idyllic Painting

Sometimes we all need that escape, a getaway, someplace where everything seems perfect, uncomplicated, unspoiled, and beautiful. A place where the weather is predictably pleasant, the breeze is perfectly angled, and the water cool and refreshing. 

This painting is artist Karen Whitworth's take on that longing for an idyllic escape that so many of us share. This tropical palm tree painting is a great way to reminisce those perfect beach days and bring the warmth of summer into your home. 

Hawaiian landscape beach painting by tropical artist Karen Whitworth

Customize Your Canvas Print

Art is unique, just like you! Embrace your own personal style by customizing your canvas. Choose to have your beach painting professionally framed with one of our in-house frames, or go all-natural with a ready to hang work of art with the image wrapping around the sides of the bare canvas.

Canvas Art Features

  • Hand made in the USA
  • Fadeproof color
  • Heavy-duty solid wood construction
  • Ready to hang


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This canvas is handmade to your specifications. Please allow up to 3 weeks for the multi step production process.  Shipping time within the US takes approximately 3-5 business days. (This may be subject to local or holiday delays)

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hibiscus painting with pink tropical flowers by Hawaii floral artist Karen Whitworth

Want to see more Hawaii Art?

We are excited to share Karen Whitworth's whole collection of works depicting this heavenly place. From vibrant Hawaii flower paintings, to serene Hawaii landscape art, the work of artist Karen Whitworth will take you to paradise as you enjoy her unique use of color and light. Visit our virtual gallery where you can view our whole collection of her beautiful Hawaii paintings.

As with all art intended for indoor use, please do not display art exposed to harmful UV rays. Keep out of direct sunlight. If needed, dust with clean microfiber cloth.

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Hawaii Beach Painting on Canvas - Beach Wall Art Print


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Enhance your space with wall art

Boost the aesthetic of your home or office with our vibrant canvas art prints by Karen Whitworth. These prints set the tone of the space, create a sense of warmth, and add personality that reflects your unique style and taste.

Not only can canvases enhance the overall decor and interior design of a room, but they also create beautiful focal points, tying the room together.

How colors enhance a room

Incorporating a Cool Color Palette

A cool color palette, such as blues and greens, can create a calm and soothing atmosphere in your home or office. This can help to promote feelings of relaxation and focus, making it an ideal choice for spaces where you want to unwind or concentrate.

About the Artist

Karen Whitworth is a contemporary artist whose vibrant works celebrate the beauty of Hawaii's landscapes, seascapes, florals, and wildlife. Her unique approach to light captures the essence of Hawaii's ever-changing natural beauty, using bright and vibrant hues that reflect the dynamic colors of the islands.

Karen's artistic journey began in the Pacific Northwest as a child, where she was surrounded by lush forests and rugged mountains. Her love for capturing the beauty around her grew to encompass the Islands of Hawaii, where she finds inspiration in the diverse natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

As her portfolio continues to grow, Karen's love for nature remains a prominent hallmark in her works. Her use of vivid colors and bold brushstrokes draws collectors to her art, but it is the captivating quality of her work that truly sets it apart. Karen's art is perfect for enhancing any living space or dwelling, elevating it with the vibrant and uplifting presence of Hawaii's natural beauty.

Customer Reviews

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Alison H.

For all framed pieces I ordered, they are solid and heavy and they can be quickly hung on the wall. All but two of the prints have color wrapped around the sides and I love that. There are no visible edges and it's very pleasing! The back has Karen's logo and the title of the piece in small print - and if I ever want to order more, the website info is there too! I'm not sure this is a painting! It seems to move - the tropical breeze lightly moving the palm fronds. I can hear and see the ocean crashing up the beach. I can feel the hot sun on my skin. It transports me instantly to Hawaii!

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