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Beautiful paintings of the Last Frontier.

About this collection


Welcome to the virtual art gallery of Karen Whitworth, featuring a stunning collection of her most popular Alaska paintings, showcasing the rugged landscapes, wildflowers, and majestic wildlife that calls Alaska home.

The Art

  • Each painting is available as a gallery wrap giclee canvas with vibrant colot that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Materials

  • Our Alaska canvases are constructed with premium canvas and heavy-duty wood supports, making them not only beautiful but also durable.

The Delivery

  • Each canvas is inspected by hand and carefully packaged for shipment, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep safe and secure, ready to transform your space.

A White Glove Experience

We go above and beyond for our collectors. From custom Alaska canvases made to your specifications to our friendly and helpful gallery customer support, we are committed to providing an art collecting experience that leaves you impressed. Whether you want to make this canvas purchase into a special gift for a loved one or need a unique framing option or canvas size, we are here to help! Send us a message with your special requests, and let us take care of the rest.

Alaska artist Karen Whitworth standing in front of scenery of a coastal mountain landscape.

Meet the Artist

Karen Whitworth is a contemporary artist with a passion for painting colorful landscapes, seascapes, florals, and wildlife. Her works are known for their unique approach to light, which features bright and vibrant hues that capture the ever-changing essence of nature.

Karen's artistic journey began when she was a child in the Pacific Northwest. From the lush forests of Oregon to the rugged mountains of Alaska, her hunger for capturing the beauty around her was a constant theme. This love for the outdoors has since grown to encompass the Islands of Hawaii and beyond. As her portfolio grows, the love for nature remains a prominent hallmark in her works.

It is this same passion, and her vivid use of color that often draws collectors to her work. But more than just eye-catching, this truly captivating quality is also what makes her art perfect for enhancing a living space or dwelling. It’s vibrant and uplifting presence elevates the space with beauty and light.