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  • Large beach canvas Hawaiian art titled Big Island Getaway, a painting of palm trees by Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

    Big Island Getaway

    Hawaiian Art Now Available on Canvas

Hawaiian Landscape Paintings

Hawaiian Landscape Paintings by tropical artist Karen Whitworth

This collection of Hawaii landscapes features the tropical art of award winning painter Karen Whitworth. From lush jungle waterfall scenes, to bright coastal beach houses, each painting is full of vibrant hues that brings you a welcome sense of Aloha and celebrates the natural beauty of Hawaii. Every painting in this online collection of Hawaii fine art was inspired by the artist's time spent exploring the island paradise and the rich landscape found across the Hawaiian islands. When it comes to contemporary art of Hawaii, the work of this unique artist is gaining popularity and interest. From her signature use of bold color and radiant light that seems to glow from within, to her ability to wrangle the innumerable hues of the lush Hawaiian landscape, Whitworth's artwork has begun to carve an impressive niche for itself among many popular Hawaiian artists.

Here in our exclusive virtual art gallery devoted to the land and it's relation to the sea, you will see paintings of scenes like quaint Hanalei on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where a colorful cottage rests beneath the mighty green mountains, or a tropical palm tree sunset overlooking the Pacific Ocean towards Molokai, and the rugged lava coast on the slopes of kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Support Hawaii

We strongly believe in supporting the local Hawaiian economy and culture. That's why we support local non-profits and all of our Hawaii canvases are hand made in the Islands. Buy with confidence knowing your purchase is supporting Hawaii and the people who call it home.

Features of our Fine Art Hawaii Canvases:

  •  Made by hand in Hawaii
  • ships for free in the USA
  • Signed by the artist

Customize Your Hawaii Canvas Features and Art Print Options

Each Hawaiian landscape painting here in our gallery is available as an artist signed canvas giclee art print. Using premium materials, each piece is hand built and personally inspected in our studio to ensure you, our collector, receives only the best.

Choose the size of your art piece that perfectly fits your space, and a frame to match. Not a frame person? Opt for a contemporary modern display by selecting a ready to hang gallery wrap canvas instead. With this display, your Hawaii painting seamlessly wraps around the sides and is hung flush on your wall.

Customize your Hawaiian Landscape With Artist Enhancement

You now have the option to have the artist customize the painting for you. This upgrade is called "Artist Enhancement". While your Hawaiian landscape giclee print is on the easel, Whitworth will carefully add strokes of colorful paint, building dimension and unique texture that makes it nearly indecipherable from an original painting. An addition like this transforms your canvas print into a piece of fine art.

Note: Due to the amount of time these enhancements require, availability is strictly limited to a very small number of canvases each month. If this upgrade is sold out upon making the selections on your Hawaii painting, please contact us so that we can add you to our list to be notified of openings at the easel.

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Hawaiian Art For Your Home

Big Island Getaway - Signed Canvas of Hawaiian Beach and Palm Tree Painting

From $299.00 - $1,495.00

Hanalei Hawaii Landscape Painting Canvas Wall Art Print - Grounded

From $245.00 - $595.00

Waterfall Painting with Hawaiian Cottage - Healing Retreat Wall Art Canvas

From $275.00 - $395.00

Joy Comes in The Morning - Wall Art Canvas of Palm Trees and Hawaiian Sunrise Painting


About Our Collection of Hawaii Art Canvases

From each oil painting's birth at Karen's easel, to the final stage where one of our canvases is installed on your wall, we strive to create an experience of excellence for you, our collector.  Each of our materials have been carefully selected to enhance the final product and create a work of art that will last a lifetime.

Hawaiian art of Hibiscus flower by Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

The Hawaiian Art

Each Hawaiian painting featured here in our virtual art gallery starts on the easel of Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth as a blank canvas. Soon it becomes a blossoming original oil painting full of depth and drama. Known for her use of pure vibrant colors and a sense of light that is said to glow, these tropical landscape and flower paintings radiate with her passion for beauty and the natural world.

Learn What Inspires This Hawaii Artist
Certificate of Authenticity for Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

The Canvas

After the painting has been completed it then enters the preparation phase where Karen oversees the creation of each painting into a signed canvas. She then inspects each one, ensuring every detail is always perfect. She then adds her signature to the canvas and it's accompanying Certificate of Authenticity that has been hand embossed with an official Karen Whitworth seal.

Learn About our Hawaii Art Canvases
Hawaiian art on canvas

The Enhancement

A limited number of canvases are available each month with our exclusive artist enhancement upgrade. Each one spends time at Karen's easel where she builds up texture and adds vibrant highlights, enhancing depth of your canvas. This detailed process makes it appear as if the petals of the tropical flower or the fronds of the towering palm tree are unfurling right off the canvas. Click on a painting to add this selection.

Learn About The Enhancement Process