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Hawaiian Flower Paintings

Inspired by nature.


Hawaiian flower art featuring a yellow hibiscus floral painting of Hawaii state flower

Hawaiian Flower Inspiration

Welcome to the world of Hawaii flower artist, Karen Whitworth. Here you will find our colorful collection featuring tropical Hawaiian flower paintings. Full of dramatic light and luscious texture, these floral paintings showcase the radiant beauty one comes to associate with Hawaii. From the the iconic hibiscus flower found on everything from Aloha wear to airplanes, to the long sleek leaves and soft fragrant petals of the plumeria tree, each beautiful flower here has been sensitively captured by the brush of artist Karen Whitworth as an original oil painting.

Her original art being incredibly sought after, these works often sell even before the oil paint has dried or the painting has left her easel. While that trend is unlikely to stop, we are excited to now offer each oil painting in this gallery as a collectable signed canvas art print.


Painting Spotlight: Hawaiian Hibiscus, The Hawaii State Flower

Pictured here is one of Whitworth's Hawaiian hibiscus paintings. The yellow hibiscus is the state flower and a local favorite among the many beautiful native Hawaiian plants you can find throughout the islands. In traditional Hawaiian culture, the hibiscus was cherished for it's many uses. From consuming it for medicinal benefits, and enjoying it's beauty as an adornment in one's hair or an incredibly beautiful yet shortly lived flower lei, to it's usefulness in creating cordage and rope for building outrigger canoes and fashioning straps for sandals, this beautiful flower has certainly earned it's place as the official state flower. In this painting, titled "Past Present Future" With bands of color connecting the petals to the background and each other, Whitworth explores the passage of time and our persistent desire to simultaneously occupy all three versions of it.


About Your Tropical Flower Canvas

Whether you select a small hibiscus painting, a dreamy portrait of a plumeria flower, or the extra large canvas of a beautiful and dramatic heliconia plant, each colorful Hawaiian flower painting featured in this virtual art gallery is available as one of our hand signed and ready to hang canvases. A museum grade canvas print, each piece is handmade to order just for you. We use premium materials to ensure maximum color vibrancy on a durable foundation that will stand the test of time. No mass produced art here! Your tropical flower collector canvas will proudly serve as a vibrant symbol of a Hawaiian island paradise.





Karen Whitworth painting Hawaiian Flower Canvas artist enhancement

Customize Your Framing

Choose from various display options to fit your space. From traditional wood frames, to contemporary floater framing, and the ever popular gallery wrapped canvas option, your Hawaii flower art is sure to impress!


Add Hand-Painted Accents To Your New Canvas

For a one of a kind custom canvas, be sure to select the Artist Enhancement upgrade. Availability for this option is limited to only a few collectors each month due to the time consuming process to bring the flowers and foliage to life. When you order an Enhanced Artist Canvas, your Hawaiian flower painting is sent to the artist's easel where it will receive hand painted accents by artist Karen Whitworth. These brushstrokes and pops of color will add even more dimension to the artwork. This option makes it difficult to distinguish your tropical floral giclee print from an original painting.

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