• Hawaii painting on canvas of tropical Hawaiian flowers wall art

    Hawaiian Flowers

    Tropical wall art featuring pink mink protea.

  • Hawaiian flowers art with protea and hibiscus paintings by Hawaii Artist Karen Whitworth in  in Tropical Hawaiian home decor

    Sunlit Protea

    Vibrant jewel tones and rich textures communicate the warm light of Hawaii...

Hawaiian Flowers - Tropical Art

Tropical Flower Wall Art - Bringing warmth and color to the home...

Sunlit Duet - Signed Artist Canvas - Hawaiian Tropical Flowers Hibiscus Painting

From $245.00 - $1,695.00

Pervading Beauty - Signed Artist Canvas of Hawaiian Hibiscus Painting

From $125.00 - $1,895.00

Radiance - Signed Artist Canvas of Hawaiian Hibiscus Painting

From $125.00 - $1,895.00

Sunlit Protea - Signed Artist Canvas of Tropical Flowers by Karen Whitworth

From $1,195.00 - $1,995.00

About Our Canvases

From each painting's birth at Karen's easel, to the final stage where one of our canvases is installed on your wall, we strive to create an experience of excellence for you, the collector.  Each of our materials have been selected to enhance the final product and create a work of art that will last a lifetime.

The Art

Each Hawaiian flower painting starts on the easel of Karen Whitworth as a blank canvas, and soon becomes an original oil painting full of depth and drama. Known for her use of pure vibrant colors and a sense of light that is said to glow, these tropical flower paintings radiate with her passion for beauty and the natural world.

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The Canvas

After the painting has been completed it then enters the preparation phase where Karen oversees the creation of each painting into an artist canvas. She then inspects each one after that, ensuring every flower petal is always perfect. Karen then adds her signature to the canvas and it's accompanying Certificate of Authenticity that has been hand embossed with an official Karen Whitworth seal.

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The Enhancement

A limited number of canvases are available each month with artist enhancement. Each one will spend time at Karen's easel where she builds up texture and highlights, adding depth and value to your canvas. This effect makes it appear as if the petals of the tropical flower are blooming before your eyes, unfolding right off the canvas.

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