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Healing Retreat - Canvas Print of Waterfall Painting With Hawaiian Cottage

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A Jungle Paradise - Tropical Waterfall Painting

This vibrant oil painting, titled "Healing Retreat" represents what many feel when they disembark from a long journey and step foot on to Hawaii's tranquil shores. From the sweet scent of lush tropical vegetation filling the air, to the refreshing colors that seem that much more vibrant here, Hawaii is healing. To the artist , the sight of a beautiful waterfall represents abundance and providence which is shown in the flowing water as it cascades down towards the viewer. A tree towers over the quaint cottage reaching for the veil of warm light as it falls through the jungle canopy above. Vibrant color bathes the scene in a kaleidoscope of visual delight, reflecting in the water as it tumbles over every rock, and illuminating the mist that rises from the pool at the base of the waterfall. This ethereal landscape painting symbolizes healing comfort descending from above and soothing a tired traveler or wounded soul. Using the vibrancy of colorful oil paint and the subtlety of light, this waterfall scene is a vision of restoration for those who seek comfort. This picture is inspired by the serenity that accompanies that fulfilling experience.


Select Your Waterfall Canvas Options

Originally only available as an original oil painting, we are excited to now offer this Hawaiian waterfall landscape painting as a hand signed canvas art print. We know one size does not fit all, so we have created several options for you to choose from.

  • Size: Pick the painting dimensions that best fit your space.
  • Upgrade: Add the custom finish and vibrant color of genuine paint accents from the brush of artist, Karen Whitworth. See below for more info.
  • Framing: Choose to have your giclee print professionally framed in our studio with either a traditional frame profile, or the contemporary floater frame. We also offer the option to go all-natural with a ready to hang gallery wrap canvas, where the tropical scenery seamlessly continues around the edge of the painting.

Our Canvas Print Features

  • Premium grade artist canvas
  • Heavy-weight wood support
  • Ready to Hang
  • Lightfast fade-proof colors
  • Inspected and hand signed by the artist
  • Free shipping in the US (Including Hawaii & Alaska)

A note about our shipping and delivery: Order with confidence knowing your waterfall wall art is made by hand with Aloha, packaged with great care, before the canvas painting leaves the artist's studio. We provide you with a tracking number so you can follow it's progress as it makes it's way to your door.

If there are ever questions about your order, we will be standing by, ready to assist. Our customers can always reach us directly at


    Upgrade Your Painting With Artist Enhancement

    Take your tropical waterfall painting to the next level with our Artist Enhancement upgrade. Each month, a limited number of collector canvases spend time at the easel of artist, Karen Whitworth. Here they are paired with the texture and vibrant color of lush paint to add depth to the already beautiful landscape and ethereal falling water. The final result is a landscape full of dimension and luminous qualities that only real paint can offer. No two enhanced canvases are alike, each bearing the unique brush and color work of the artist . The custom image that results is nearly indistinguishable from an original painting and a treasure to be enjoyed for generations to come. If you would like to add this fine art upgrade to your waterfall painting on canvas , but it is not available(sold out), please contact us to be added to the Enhancement waitlist and receive early access to the next opening at the easel.

    If you have a thing for colorful waterfall paintings or even just a peaceful tropical landscape, be sure to visit our virtual fine art gallery to see our whole collection of Hawaii paintings and wall art. From florals and beach scenes to underwater wonderlands, we have a large array of tropical paintings to dazzle you.

    For those looking to accessorize with beautiful paintings like this one, this waterfall artwork is also available as a waterfall phone case in our gift shop.


    Woman and Hawaii painting on canvas of Hanalei Kauai by Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

    Made Just For You

    Each Hand Signed Artist Canvas is made to order and personally inspected by Karen Whitworth. With several display and framing options to choose from, you can transform your environment into an inviting tropical oasis that suits your space perfectly. 

    Pictured: "Grounded" Hawaiian Landscape Painting of Hanalei, Kauai

    Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

    Meet the Artist

    Over the years, Karen Whitworth's Hawaiian paintings have caught the attention of collectors, the world over. Her award winning art is known to communicate a passion and energy beyond the physical world. From lush Hawaiian landscape paintings with ethereal jungle waterfalls and colorful rustic cottages, to radiant tropical flower paintings full of drama and color, Karen's work shows tremendous love for the islands and brings a sense of wonder to the viewer. With her unique way of harnessing paint and light, she brings a vibrancy to her artwork that seems to defy the abilities of oil paint. Her strong command of her medium and her love for the subjects she paints radiates from her original art and had become a hallmark of her painting style and technique. You can read more on our about her passion for the Hawaiian Islands and how they inspire her on our Hawaiian inspiration page. You can also visit our about the artist page for more about her background and creative vision.

    Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

    Upgrade Your Canvas With Artist Enhancement

    If you are looking for something truly special to grace your wall, we recommend adding the "Artist Enhancement" option when ordering your canvas. Please note, this is only available in extremely limited quantities as each enhanced canvas spends time at Karen's easel where she adds dynamic texture and color to your piece using genuine paint, bringing an incredible level of depth and dimension. No two canvases are ever alike and due to the texture of each stroke of the artist's brush, they take on the appearance of an original painting. Due to the nature of this custom enhancement process, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

    The Extras...

    As a Karen Whitworth Signature Collector you will automatically gain access to exclusive collector promotions and early access to new releases. Each Signed Artist Canvas comes with an embossed and hand signed Certificate of Authenticity to remain with the worth for it's lifetime.

    Let us handle the details

    From our professional framing services to expert packaging, we take art very seriously. Your Signed Artist canvas is made for you in the USA and shipped out with tremendous care.
    Manufacturing of your canvas and framing takes 3-10 business days. Your canvas transit time within the US will be approximately 3-5 business days depending on your location. (Our largest canvases will require custom shipping schedules. Should your canvas require this, we will contact you with your delivery date.) While in route, you can track your package online as it makes it's way to you. 
    All orders always enjoy FREE SHIPPING within the United States. International Rates calculated at checkout. More info about shipping prices can be found here.

    Explore the Process

    From start to finish, the art of Karen Whitworth embodies the pursuit of beauty in the details.

    Hawaiian art of Hibiscus flower by Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

    The Art

    Each of these works of art start on the easel of Karen Whitworth as a blank canvas, and soon becomes an original oil painting full of depth and drama. Known for her use of pure vibrant colors and a sense of light that is said to glow, these tropical flower paintings radiate with her passion for beauty and the natural world.

    About Her Hawaiian Inspiration
    Certificate of Authenticity for Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth

    The Canvas

    After the painting has been completed it then enters the preparation phase where Karen oversees the creation of each painting into an artist canvas. She then inspects each one, ensuring every brushstroke is always perfect. Karen then adds her signature to the canvas and it's accompanying hand embossed Certificate of Authenticity.

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    Hawaiian art on canvas

    The Enhancement

    A limited number of canvases are available each month with artist enhancement. Each one will spend time at Karen's easel where she builds up texture and highlights, adding depth and value to your canvas. Afterwards it is almost indistinguishable from an original. This custom enhancement makes it appear as if the painting is unfolding right off the canvas.

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