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If Looks Could Kill - Signed Artist Canvas of Tropical Bird of Paradise Flowers

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From the dramatic angles and captivating lines, to the intense color that commands attention, the tropical bird of paradise is an exotic flower that stands apart from the crowd. As the name attests, it delivers a vision of tropical paradise. A feast for the eyes! In this Hawaiian flower painting, artist, Karen Whitworth brings the energy of these blossoms to life with dramatic juxtaposition and drama filled light-play. The result is a complex crescendo of design and texture, luring you to explore and linger in paradise a little longer. While this is not a native Hawaiian flower, it has become symbolic of the tropical plants one will experience while visiting the Islands of Hawaii.

To bring an extra sense of depth to your bird of paradise canvas, choose "Artist Enhancement" while selecting your canvas options. The Artist Enhancement upgrade includes hand painted accents and lush texture, by artist, Karen Whitworth. This gives the striking petals of the tropical flowers richness and dimension, making it difficult to discern the canvas print from an original painting. Be advised, due to the time required to enhance the canvas, this upgrade is extremely limited to a small number of canvases each month. Enhancement availability is not guaranteed. If you are interested in this option but it is sold out, please contact us and we can put you on our Artist Enhancement waitlist. 

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