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A bouquet of colorful paintings featuring the radiance of Hawaii's tropical flowers. From the radiant Hawaiian hibiscus flower that has become synonymous to Hawaii, to the aromatic blossoms of the plumeria flower, here you will find vibrant Hawaii flower art that whisks you to a rural roadside flower stand full of charm and color.
Hawaiian home decor is not complete without a the Islands' tropical flowers.


From colorful beach cottages to dreamy jungle waterfalls, the tropical landscapes of Karen Whitworth will lure you into a tranquil escape of Hawaiian scenery. This collection features a beautiful array of Hawaii landscape paintings that will inspire daydreams of an island paradise. 

Hawaiian Birds

The melodic call of tropical birds fills the air in these charming paintings that feature  many of Hawaii's endemic... and not-so endemic bird species. From charming Kauai rooster art, to the wild Hawaiian songbirds, this collection of Hawaii bird art is sure to delight the bird lovers.

Under the Sea

From coral reefs to the gentle giants that call the sea their home, this collection of Hawaii paintings by Karen Whitworth is full of wonder for the watery world beneath the waves. These Hawaiian canvases featuring underwater reefs, humpback whales, and more, bring a sense of wonder and peace. Explore the whole collection here. 

The Hawaiian Art Collection - Paintings of Hawaii Landscapes, Flowers, And More

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