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The Rooster has landed! Little original painting meets his new family.

Karen Whitworth and Collector with Rooster painting at Tabora Gallery Kauai
I love the antics of chickens and roosters. They are so animated with their own little attitudes and make great subjects to paint. These quirky creatures are rather prolific in Kauai. Many people specifically associate them with this special island.Kauai Rooster painting in progress by artist Karen Whitworth

I was really excited to work on this guy. His comb was so vibrant and proud. I love how it caught the sunlight just so.

Finished Kauai Rooster painting by artist Karen Whitworth
After completion I framed him up and delivered him to a special shop in Lihue, Kauai, Tabora Gallery. While there I was part of a show featuring my work where I was able to meet many wonderful collectors. 
Karen and Collector Kerry posing with framed rooster painting at Tabora Gallery in Kauai Hawaii
One such collector was the lovely Kerry. It was her birthday and she just had to have my rooster. 
(Gotta say... spending your birthday in Hawaii is a pro move. I approve.)

Karen Whitworth with collectors at Tabora Gallery Kauai Hawaii holding Origianl Oil Painting of Rooster
Her hubby was not far behind and we enjoyed talking story for a little while. Thank you goes out to Tabora Gallery for hosting me and for connecting me with these lovely people.
I hope Mr Rooster is enjoying his loving home. 

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