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Meet Steve! Karen Whitworth meets one of her avid collectors in Hawaii

Meet Steve! Karen Whitworth meets one of her avid collectors in Hawaii

(Pictured, Left: Steve, Center: Karen, Right: Earl.)

Every artist dreams of having collectors who follow their work, wait patiently as each new piece is painted, and acquire these new works with great anticipation. I am a lucky gal to have a few such collectors. This is one of them. Meet Steve. :)

Collectors like this add an excitement to my work at the easel that is hard to describe. Imagine pouring yourself into a creation, feeling every stroke with intensity, then to discover that another person is waiting and watching with that same attention and eagerness that you experience while making it. It creates a heightened energy at the easel and I am so grateful for it.

Above is a photo of Steve and I meeting for the first time at a show at Tabora Gallery in Kauai. Earl (pictured right) is the art consultant that so attentively arranged for each new piece to make it into Steve's collection. Here we are grinning over Steve's latest acquisition, the glowing protea painting behind us. Hard to see from the glare, but the colors and patterns of the painting, and Steve's shirt matched beautifully. He says he planned it! ^_^

Original Oil Painting of two tropical pink mink protea flowers by artist and oil painter Karen Whitworth

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