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The Hawaiian Inspiration of Artist Karen Whitworth

Hawaiian Inspiration for Painter and Artist Karen Whitworth
Hawaiian flower paintings by floral artist Karen Whitworth

From her use of vibrant color to the way she so sensitively captures the special light of the islands, artist Karen Whitworth has earned a reputation for connecting her collectors to Hawaii in a special way. Comments like "Her paintings seem to possess a light from within, a glow" and "It makes me feel as though I am there" are common from her beloved collectors. The common love for Hawaii and its healing nature is something Whitworth is passionate to share.

From the vibrant flora and fauna of Hawaii to the serene landscapes and seascapes of the Islands, there is no shortage of inspiration for Whitworth. She paints with a passion and a sense of wonder, expressing her love for the islands and those who call it home.

Photo of Hawaii artist Karen Whitworth in front of the Hibiscus Painting "Past Present Future". The painting depicts 3 blooming yellow hibiscus flowers.

Her paintings feature hibiscus, plumeria, bird of paradise, and other exotic flowers, as well as palm trees, cottages, waterfalls, and beaches. She also showcases the native wildlife endemic to the islands, such as the ʻIʻiwi bird and the ʻŌhiʻa Lehua tree.
Her art is a celebration of the Hawaiian spirit and a tribute to its natural beauty.