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Hawaiian Inspiration

The call of the Islands...

Steadily, through countless paintings and traveling the world for inspiration, artist Karen Whitworth’s signature style emerged. A style influenced by her life experiences, she transforms landscapes into luscious mosaics of color and texture. Whitworth’s approach became more clearly defined & perfected through developing her own techniques that bring out the vibrant essence of the Islands.

A light emerges...

Over the past decade, Whitworth has mastered her brushstrokes with powerful compositions accentuated with burst of bright colors. Her pursuit to capture natural beauty can be seen in her work as she transforms both picturesque and whimsical vistas into stunning interpretations of radiant color and healing rhythms. Karen Whitworth’s iconic Pursuit of Radiance Collection was born in 2017 with her pivotal painting “Radiance.” 

Hawaiian art on canvas

The passion continues...

This seamless blend of Romantic Realism mixed with Contemporary Impressionism captured the prismatic spectrum of refracted luminance. This approach has become synonymous with Whitworth’s signature style, and she has since created an entire collection of radiant works which capture vibrant hues accompanied by mosaic prisms of light.

Hawaiian art on canvas

"Sunlit Protea"

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Returning the blessing

Through the years, Whitworth has contributed to various projects and fundraisers, to benefit the people and land of Hawaii. She passionately believes in giving back to the Islands that so generously inspire her. As a result, a portion of every sale from the Hawaiian Collection goes back to the very source that inspired it. From stocking food pantries for those in need, to supporting conservation efforts of endangered Hawaiian birds and plants, Karen is committed to partnering with her collectors to leave a tangible and positive impact to benefit Hawaii.

Far and wide...

Whitworth's work can be found in collections around the world. From a stately manor in the United Kingdom that dates back to the time of Rembrandt, to breezy island homes nestled against the Hawaiian shore her, paintings bring vibrant complexity and subtle notes of the scenes and elements that inspire her. 

Hawaiian Inspiration for Painter and Artist Karen Whitworth

Explore The Hawaiian Collection...

From tropical waterfall landscapes that lure you into the scene, to irridescent Hawaiian flowers that filter sunlight like stained glass, explore the many visions of Hawaii by Karen Whitworth

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If you are planning a visit to Hawaii, be sure to visit one of the Hawaii Art Galleries that feature her work. 

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