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Ocean wall art canvas of green sea turtle swimming through a coral reef with tropical fish hanging on wall above white couch with turquoise blue pillows
Ocean wall art canvas of green sea turtle swimming through a coral reef with tropical fish hanging on wall above a bed
Ocean wall art canvas of green sea turtle swimming through a coral reef with tropical fish

Sea Turtle Wall Art Canvas of Hawaiian Coral Reef and Honu

Size8x10 Inches
StyleGallery Wrap Canvas

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Product Details

  • Painting by Artist Karen Whitworth
  • Ready to hang canvas print
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Solid wood construction
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Hawaiian sea turtle art painting by Hawaii ocean artist Karen Whitworth


The Story Behind This Sea Turtle Painting

In this vibrant underwater painting, a green sea turtle glides effortlessly through the coral reef as tropical fish and other colorful sea life float about. This tropical island sea life scene was inspired by the Hawaiian snorkeling experiences of the artist, Karen Whitworth. One such occasion was off the island of Maui, near black rock at Kaanapali beach, when a turtle much like the one in this painting joined the artist for a lazy swim among the coral. The colors of that day, the sensation of weightlessness, and the company of such a beautiful animal, still bring her joy many years later.


Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle art and coral Reef - Underwater Painting Canvas Wall Art in Home Decor Interior

About the Honu - Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

The honu, (which is the Hawaiian word for sea turtle), are common throughout all the Hawaiian islands. In traditional Hawaiian culture they represent long life and good fortune. Often viewed on the beach, resting in the sand, the female sea turtle will also use this as a location to dig her nest. After hatching, the babies face many dangers in the years that follow. Thanks to sea turtle conservation efforts and federal protections prohibiting people from harming them, their numbers are now increasing.

Our favorite place to learn about this beautiful species is at the Maui Ocean Center. In addition to all the other marine life they have on display, there is also an exhibit of juvenile sea turtles. Also known by their scientific name as chelonia mydas, these baby turtles are more cute than you can possibly imagine. It's an excellent opportunity to see these beautiful creatures up close and personal while supporting an organization that is doing great things to protect them.

Canvas Features

    • Hand made in the USA
    • Solid wood construction
    • Ready to hang with wire hangers

Be sure to also check out our other Hawaii paintings in our virtual art gallery, as well as Karen's underwater painting collection.

As with all art intended for indoor use, please do not display art exposed to harmful UV rays. Keep out of direct sunlight. If needed, dust with clean microfiber cloth.

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Sea Turtle Wall Art Canvas of Hawaiian Coral Reef and Honu


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About the Artist

Karen Whitworth is a contemporary artist whose vibrant works celebrate the beauty of Hawaii's landscapes, seascapes, florals, and wildlife. Her unique approach to light captures the essence of Hawaii's ever-changing natural beauty, using bright and vibrant hues that reflect the dynamic colors of the islands.

Karen's artistic journey began in the Pacific Northwest as a child, where she was surrounded by lush forests and rugged mountains. Her love for capturing the beauty around her grew to encompass the Islands of Hawaii, where she finds inspiration in the diverse natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

As her portfolio continues to grow, Karen's love for nature remains a prominent hallmark in her works. Her use of vivid colors and bold brushstrokes draws collectors to her art, but it is the captivating quality of her work that truly sets it apart. Karen's art is perfect for enhancing any living space or dwelling, elevating it with the vibrant and uplifting presence of Hawaii's natural beauty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maria B.
Beautiful Kauai

We have purchased several art pieces by Karen Whitworth. We cannot currently go back to Kauai, so we have brought Hawaii into our home through this beautiful art. The yellow hibiscus flowers on the bedroom room just brighten the room just as the sun rises. We have Tranquility in our hallway and it gives a calmness when going by. The colors are vivid yet soothing! There are several other pieces throughout. We love her artistic ability to place us where we hope to visit again. There's always a thank you from the artist which is so thoughtful!

Alison H.
Honu magic

The frame is solid and heavy and they can be quickly hung on the wall. The canvas color wraps around the sides and I love that. There are no visible edges and it's very pleasing! The back has Karen's logo and the title of the piece in small print - and if I ever want to order more, the website info is there too! this is another painting that transports you immediately to Hawaii. The tropical fish and the colors of the coral are so vibrant. Karen is a master at getting the light just right as it travels through the water and highlights portions of the reef. The honu is living his best life gliding through the warm ocean.

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