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Cozy Beach Sunset / Sunrise Color Palette and Home Decor Ideas

Sunset color plaette
Soothing Beach Sunset or Sunrise Wall Art Home Decor and Color Palette
The islands of Hawaii are quite a special place. From the sweet tropical air, exotic vegetation, and captivating landscapes, to the vibrant colors that seem almost too good to be true, this little slice of paradise is something that has inspired humanity for millennia.  

I am certainly not immune to it's charms! :) This place tugs at my heartstrings like few others. In fact, all of my art is heavily influenced by my time there. Here I'm sharing one such painting, "Maui to Molokai". It features the scene one might enjoy standing on the beach in Lahaina on the Island of Maui, gazing into the sunset towards Molokai. 

I have put together some of my favorite products featuring this special Hawaii beach painting. I hope they inspire some tropical sunset decor ideas of your own.  

Framed Canvas Wall Art Coastal Beach Sunset / Sunrise Painting Warm Colors and Wood Frame

Framed Sunset Painting - Canvas Wall Art

A framed canvas wall art print is a great way to make a statement in the home. The canvas texture and glass-free presentation makes the canvas print feel like an original painting but for a much more affordable cost. Here I have chosen a distressed cream custom frame to bring out the warm colors of the painting. But you could dress up your wall art however you like!

Coastal Home Beach Decor Sunset / Sunrise Throw Pillow Warm Color Palette Cushion

Pop of Color - Hawaiian Throw Pillows & Cushions

Looking for a unique accent to liven up your family room? Or maybe a functional souvenir to remember your last trip to the beach... this colorful home decor cushion features all those dreamy sunset colors while functioning in a practical capacity. Order yours Hawaiian throw pillow here.

Hawaii Luggage Tags - Stand out at Bag Claim!

These luggage tags are a great way to brighten up your luggage or backpack to make them easy to spot! Grab your Hawaii luggage tag here.

Sunset Beach Shower Curtain

This one is a little playful. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing this first thing in the morning? I know I could use a scene like this to start my day. This mildew resistant shower curtain is sure to brighten your morning. Your bathroom never looked this happy!

Color Palette Paint Swatches Wall Art Coastal decor Beach house Sunset / Sunrise Painting Warm Color Ideas

Sunset Paint Swatches and Coastal Color Ideas

These colors instantly make me happy. The warm sunset colors of this painting  bring a feeling of comfort and positivity.  I have included the Sherwin-Williams color numbers in the paint swatches above. Feel free to pin them to Pinterest and save them for later.

Whether you are seeking a dreamy color palette for a home decor project, or are on a quest for pleasing art and decor, I hope this post did the trick. If you used any of this post to inspire a space of your own, I would love to see it! Send me a pic and a note on Social Media, so I can see and share it with our community online.

All my best,