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Womens Dino Shirt

Delightfully Geeky Designer Dino Shirts For Women

When you were a kid were you a dino lover? Yeah, us too.

Why does that have to stop when we grow up?

Welcome to the Dino Collection!
This series of exclusive dinosaur apparel features the custom dino design of female artist Karen Whitworth. Each dinosaur shirt you find here features intricate illustrations of some of Whitworth's favorite dinosaur species. From the triceratops (who was also the dino of her favorite Power Ranger) to the mighty t rex, her dinosaur pattern is full of terrible lizard goodness making perfect clothing material for a cozy short sleeve dinosaur t shirt or a posh button up blouse for the boardroom. Here the female dinosaur lover can let her geek show with pride.

Fabrics and Care

We have hunted downs every tshirt and button down you see here for it's superior fabric quality, print vibrancy, and ease of care. It has to feel good, look good, and stay that way without a fuss. All of our dino shirts are machine washable. View each shirt for detailed care instructions. From shrink resistant polyester with billowy movement, to stretchy performance fabrics, and natural cotton, etc. Each piece you see here has been selected with care to highlight the fabulous dinosaurs of this designer pattern.

Dino Shirt Fit Guide and Size Chart

While most dinosaur clothes are unisex, our ladies dino shirt offering has been specifically designed with women in mind. They call them unisex, but we know they were made with guys in mind. The womens dino collection however is just the opposite! Each style is made for women and comes with accompanying measurements so that you know exactly which fits your desired size. We believe that dino fashion should not only be fun, but it should fit you perfectly too!

To see the measurements and fit info for each tee shirt, tank, and blouse, click the item and view the product images and details. If you have questions, feel free to contact us!

Buy with Confidence

We guarantee your womens dino shirt purchase will be free of flaws. We stand behind our brand and work hard to make our loyal customers so happy they keep coming back. If you have any questions about your order, we look forward to helping you! You can simply reply to your order confirmation email, or contact us.

The Perfect Gift for the Dinosaur Lover

Have a lady in your life who loves dinosaurs? You're in luck! Our ladies dino gear has been a hit with women all over the world! Need some help picking out that perfect gift? Feel free to shoot us a message.

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